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Δρυάδων 5-7, Κρυά Ιτεών, Πάτρα 26333,
+30 2610 344244
infinite inspirations behind ranges can be used to customize any space and create constantly changing material effects Stone, concrete, marble, metal, wood and pattern.
You can experiment with bathroom tiles not only by pairing colours _from neutral to dark tones and from bright to pastel colours_ and textures, but by combining sizes and dimensions.
Quality, Technology, Design and Sustainability – balancing these , it allows users to enjoy unrivalled water enjoyment.
Είδη Υγιεινής
Sanitary Ware
Finishes  Spa  Wellness  Pool  Accessories.
Ιδιαίτερα Σχεδιαστικά Υλικά
Design Materials
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